7 Ways to Tell a Great Story with Design

A website is more than just a place to hold information about your app, portfolio or products. It should tell a story to engage and delight users. (That’s one

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    Designing an infographic is just like designing a website. It starts with a concept, goals and even a wireframe. The big difference is that all the information for an infographic is contained in one unit, whereas a website has multiple pages and ways to engage users. You can almost think of an...

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    Forget what you think about user attention spans. Long-form content can be a valuable part of your design strategy (and doesn’t have to be a boring block of ongoing text). Users love a good story and long-form content is a great way to create an immersive and engaging experience. To keep users...

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    Good design is not something the average user look at and says “wow, that’s a great design!” Good design is something that is easy to use, read and interact with. It makes users want to engage and experience your website, app or physical material and evokes a specific emotional response. As a...

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